When Assets are at Stake

Dan Seigel is the President of the Law Offices of Daniel A. Seigel, P.A., a law firm specializing
in fiduciary disputes involving estates, wills, and trusts.



Practice Areas

The Firm provides
exceptional representation
in disputed estate, trust,
and probate
administration matters


Probate Litigation

Is a term used to describe disputes relating to the administration of an individual’s probate estate.

Trust Litigation

Is a term used to describe disputes relating to the administration of an individual’s trust.

Contesting Will & Trusts

There are grounds where a will or trust can be challenged (and ultimately found to be invalid) in the State of Florida.


Contesting a Beneficiary Designation

Can a beneficiary designation on a bank account or investment account be challenged as a traditional will or trust? The answer is “Yes.”

Claims against Personal Representative

Beneficiaries and “interested persons” of probate estate often ask how they can challenge the actions of the Estate administrator

Removal of Personal Representative

What can happen to a Personal Representative who is found to have breached their fiduciary duty to the Estate’s beneficiaries.


Claims Against Trustee

How can the actions, or inactions, of a Trust’s trustee be challenged by the Trust’s beneficiaries?

Estate & Trust Disputes

Beneficiaries of estates/ trusts often question whether they are getting complete disclosure regarding the estate/trust’s assets.


Trust Modification, Etc.

An irrevocable trust can be modified, reformed, or terminated

Interference with Inheritance

The legal claim of “tortious interference with an expected inheritance” occurs when someone intentionally prevents, through fraud, duress, or other tortious means, another person from receiving an inheritance.


Titling Bank Accounts Disputes

The titling of “joint bank accounts” is a frequently litigated issue in the State of Florida. It is often disputed whether an individual was added to a bank account for “convenience” purposes.

Guardian & Competency Proceedings

Florida guardianship litigation often involves family members litigating against other family members in heated disputes.

Homestead Issues

When a homestead owner dies or becomes incapacitated, disputes sometimes arise with regard to who will retain ownership rights of the homestead.

About The Law Offices of Daniel A. Seigel, P.A.

Law Offices of Daniel A. Seigel, P.A. provides exceptional representation
in estate, will, and trust disputes. The Firm furnishes
a “concierge” level of service, accessibility, responsiveness,
and value to each client.

More About Dan

Dan places a premium on providing a “concierge” level of service, accessibility, responsiveness, and value for every client.

Dan prides himself in not only serving as a legal advisor to clients, but also a counselor in navigating the emotional elements presented in each case.​  The Law Offices of Daniel A. Seigel provide exceptional legal counsel in the areas of probate and trust litigation.

Dan Seigel founded the Firm after he realized that a growing number of women and men had been robbed of their inheritance by “unsavory” individuals. The significant elderly population in South Florida, combined with the number of individuals who will stop at nothing to prey on these victims, has created a feeding-frenzy for exploitation and outright theft of inheritance assets.

Inheritance disputes require an attorney who has a unique passion to “right” the “wrong” – achieving both financial and moral justice.  Dan Seigel is that attorney. He prides himself in being as committed and emotionally invested in each case as his client.  Each case is pushed and advanced as quickly as possible.

Attorney Seigel prides himself on being the most responsive attorney in America.  All clients receive rapid responses to their questions, comments, and concerns from an attorney who is both experienced and successful.

Attorney Seigel is not just an attorney … he is a counselor.  Through many years of handling a diverse spectrum of inheritance-related disputes, Attorney Seigel understands the emotional challenges posed by these cases.  He seeks to get clients to focus on the tangible objective in a case and make pragmatic decisions.

Attorney Seigel personally handles each case to ensure the highest level of representation for all clients. There is no “delegation” of cases or tasks to a junior partner or associate as such, clients have one point of contact and one person who is solely responsible for the advancement of their matter and ultimately the result.

The Firm has the ability to handle a diverse spectrum of matters – many of which cannot be handled by larger firms. As a result, on appropriate matters, the Firm will work on a fixed-fee or contingency fee basis.

In short, for any client who is looking for the most passionate, responsive, and compassionate attorney for their probate, trust, or inheritance-related disputes, they should call the Law Offices of Daniel A. Seigel.

“Attorney Seigel serves as not only a legal advisor,
but also a counselor to clients in navigating the emotional
issues presented in each case.”


The Firm was founded on several governing principles,
which will always be hallmarks of our practice:


Zealous Representation

No one will work harder on your matter – period. Attorney Seigel treats every matter
as if it were his own dispute. That means “dropping everything” to have a weekend
meeting, taking a client’s phone call at 2:00 a.m., and being over-prepared for
every deposition, hearing, and trial.

Extreme Responsiveness

Attorney Seigel responds to all phone calls, e-mails, and letters within 12 hours of receipt. Attorney Seigel’s clients know that he is accessible 24/7, and they will always have his undivided attention and feel that they are his most important client because they are.

Unmatched Value

The Firm offers competitive billable rates and does not charge for paralegal
time and internet research.

Real Clients, Real Testimonials

Dan places a premium on providing a “concierge” level of service,
accessibility, responsiveness, and value for every client.


“Dan Seigel and his staff helped my family through a very emotional issue. He was always available
to answer our questions and was able to successfully guide us through the legal process.
We sincerely thank him for all of his help and would certainly recommend him to anyone going
through probate problems.”

Jeffrey E. Deron – Toms River, New Jersey

Dan represented me in very professional and supportive ways. He continuously connected with me during the process, kept me informed of the status of the case, and was always determined to secure the best possible outcome for me.

As this case was an emotional one for me, Dan was sensitive to my every concern. Dan aggressively instituted his expertise in various ways to reach the best settlement. I am grateful for his guidance and hard work on my behalf.

I would certainly refer Dan to my friends and family if they were in need of legal advice in Dan’s specific practice of law.

Dan is a personable attorney and is reassuring when representing a client. My experience with him was an excellent one and I am grateful he was there to represent me in the legal battle that has now been settled.


Dan had a very clear understanding of how emotional and difficult a family matter can be. His legal expertise and tireless work resulted in a very satisfactory settlement. His friendship and understanding made a very difficult time much easier to get through.


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